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  • Ayer
  • Prima
  • *IRL Name (if we're close)
  • He/him
  • Transgender Man
  • 20
  • Filipino
  • Gay
  • Mr.
  • Sir.
  • Cute
  • Pretty
  • Handsome
  • In one of my friend groups I'm the only man in there because every person before me who ided as transmasc ended up finding out they're some degree of nonbinary. I am the sole survivor of the 'Blowjob Brother He/Him' gang but with how I act you really wouldn't guess it LMAO.
  • My favorite color is periwinkle.
  • I am deathly allergic to peanuts and shrimp and have thrown up due to it, and yet my mom does not believe me and thinks I'm just overreacting. She's a sweetheart though! Love her!

hello and thank you for checking out my page! i personally intend for this page to be personal and an attempt to be my best self without the pressure of corporate social media. at least, the best that i can be! not gonna share everything in my life here, but it’s certainly planned to be more than say twitter, or tumblr even. i also hate how easy it is on such sites to get ‘dunked on’ and looked upon as cringe for simply enjoying something you like. i simply won't tolerate that energy any longer.

i kindly ask to not be a constant hater on my page. i’m here for a fun time, and while i’m quite capable of being critical of my interests, i’d love a break from the thought of complete strangers assuming the worst faith interpretations of me. as my good friend luna says, ‘additionally, if you are that kind of person who thinks being a passive-aggressive hater is a worthy substitute for a personality, hit the road.’

at the moment, i’m a hobbyist artist, planning to be a librarian someday. i originally thought about getting a degree in art, but decided it’s something i could pursue and do on my own time. especially with so many resources online! librarian work seems like something i’m fine doing for business wise, and i’ve always had respect for such a job, so i figured i should pursue it. originally i was planning to go into video game programming, or perhaps translation work, but i found the studies and pay related them to be quite miserable and just not for me (though, i’m fond of html formatting at least).

i’m quite fond of the lolita aesthetic and anything visual kei. it’s a dream of mine to get my hands on a really nice lolita dress someday and wear it during a hangout with friends. the specific style i adore is sweet lolita, steam lolita, and ouji-style lolita!

alongside that, i love ball-jointed dolls. i also would like to commission one of those doll refurbishers to make one of my ocs one day, haha. but i'll reach out when i have the money, i know those things can be costly… i watch doll repaint videos so often it's not even funny. they're just so filled with love and effort!! fuck those horror movies that make them seem scary!!

i used to be insanely socially-anxious, but in recent times (with the help of medication) i’ve been getting better and i’d like to say i’m back to myself prior to depression :] i talk a lot more now, and i’m more confident in my standing within groups. i still think i fair better when there’s more than one person talking then me, but hey, it’s a start! and not out of a place of self-deprecation! working hard to get my life back on track after so many awful things happened to me in life, and i think i’m doing a good job.

sometimes if i’m relaxed enough in a vc with friends i fall asleep. speaking of! i love my friends a lot, i’ve been trying to show more often that i care. it’s not perfect but hey, no one is, right? i think this year is the most proactive i’ve been in reaching out to people, new and old!

if anyone ever wants to reach out and be friends i’m just a message away! though, i’d prefer not to befriend minors. nothing personal, it’s just that i’m an adult, and i’m not entirely comfortable having a friendship with someone way younger than me (and while i’m not gonna get nsfw on this site, i do tend to have a raunchy sense of humor which i’d rather not subject minors too).

another way to reach me if you don't know what to start with is definitely either ocs or roleplaying. i roleplay both canonical and original characters, but i take great love by gushing over the ladder.

like with my art, i may upload my fanfictions here if only because the current state of fanfiction sites has me tilted. i'll probably tuck it away somewhere on this site if only because it gets me more flustered for people to see my writing then my art. outside of art and writing, i like taking care of plants! i'm considering making a plant journal, but we'll see. proud co-owner of 60 plants (the other owner is my mother). my favorites are my two sugar moon roses, respectively named vash and knives. they're both white. and plants. smiles. if i can convince my mom, i wanna get a black rose and plant it next to vash. iykyk.

of course, i have my interests in stuff in media and such, but i’ll put that in another tab! for now, that’s all, and if you read this far, i hope your day is good and i love you :3 (the rest below is just fun facts and other stuff about me!)

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Dan Heng
Yi Sang


Unfortunately changed the trajectory of my life.
Wolfwood/Vash Zack Fair/Cloud Strife Lucifer/Sandalphon
Henry/Robin Theresa/W Shirou/Sakura
Niles/Corrin Roland/Angela Michel/Giselle
Kaito/Shinichi Dimitri/Byleth Sylvain/Byleth
Felix/Ashe Robin/Corrin Green/Red
Red/Kotone Jowy/Riou Roland/Netzach
Riku/Roxas Sora/Namine Leo/Takumi
Crow/Seto Walter/Dogma Belial/Sandalphon
Reinhard/Ares Red/Yellow Green/Yellow
Joker/Alice Pierce/Alice Roxas/Namine


I like these nearly as much, but I survived.
Dan Heng/Caelus Most Caelus Ships Elysium/Thorns
Texas/Sora Sampo/Gepard Kafka/Blade
Kafka/Himiko Faust/Don Quixote Faust/Yi Sang
Ayato/Kazuha Baizhu/Zhongli Jing Yuan/Blade
Damien/Sinclair Roland/Yesod Akihiko/Minato
Arjuna/Gudao Chrom/Gaius Robin/Sumia
Arthur/Gudao Merlin/Roman Mercedes/Byleth
Akako/Aoko Silver/Yuu Malleus/Yuu
Inigo/Morgan Xander/Laslow Heiji/Shinichi
Natsukage/Nanashi Kokomi/Sara Yae Miko/Sara
Ryoji/Minato Aigis/Minato Vash/Meryl
Dedue/Ashe Dedue/Mercedes Claude/Shez
Shez/Byleth Shinjiro/Minato Vaughn/Chelsea
Yukari/Hamuko Aigis/Hamuko Shinjiro/Hamuko


I'm never going back to these series but I need people to know I used to be invested in these.
Shu/Nazuna/Mika Naegi/Chihiro Hinata/Naegi Komaeda/Naegi Izumi/Nazuna Ryuji/Akira Akira/Ann Amami/Saihara


It's okay if you like these honestly, I just... don't.
Seele/Bronya Blade/Dan Heng Doctor/Kal'tsit Kazuha's Friend/Kazuha Minato/Yukari Innes/W Executor/Enforcer

If I dislike a ship that doesn't mean I dislike the characters involved (except Seele but it's not even dislike I just think her writing needs work outside of Bronya in Star Rail). There's honestly a lot of characters I like, but it doesn't mean I need a ship for them, you know?

Some I don't partake in as much anymore, however I feel like if you see patterns between some of these you'll just know what a predictable person I can be.





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