my boyfriend panicking over a question on a quiz about me. my boyfriend saying that if he doesn't get first place on said quiz he will kill himself (as a joke) 'would you love me if i were a frog' 'no'


wow i’m like. really bad at going at these shrines i’ll be so completely honest. but well, i’ll try. this is mainly a page for my boyfriend so i've kind of just tailored it for it to (hopefully) work on his computer. page is in a bit of a wip because i have too much to talk about regarding him.

i love my fucking boyfriend. we dated for three months and then broke up because we were having issues. we then spent a few months being ‘’’’’just friends’’’’’ and then proceeded to continue to say very Close Things To Eachother You Wouldn't Tell A Friend type of shit to each other in dms and still talked about wanting to live together and being friends. then i was like ‘what’s wrong with me’ to my friends and i admitted i was actually still into him and i just wasn't ready for a relationship at the time but i thought it was too late. then my friend dmed my boyfriend and turned out it wasn’t! we then got together again. we have two anniversary dates now. we have been dating for three years. i only just told my mom about him. i'm gonna beat him up.

i like my boyfriend he makes me feel soft and warm and like i’m the cutest thing alive and in return he is so soft and warm and the cutest thing alive that i get so much cuteness aggression and want to bite at him like a living chewtoy. he says very silly things. he also says very smart things that i don’t know. but also he’s very silly and sometimes i want to squeak him and throw him around the room.

i appreciate all the patience he’s had for me and i’ll continue my best to try and do better for him. we’ve had our ups and downs but hey it’s bound to happen when you’re two separate people. i hope for many more years to come.

a picture of my boyfriend's dog another picture of my boyfriend's dog

also look at my boyfriends dog. isn't he the cutest.




you're GAY ily - ayer


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