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 "I loved you completely. And you loved me the same. That's all. The rest is confetti."                     ⎯⠀❐⠀⤬

6.13.2023 | Currently working on: About page and refurbishing main page.

| Website is currently under massive construction right now. However, I grew tired of seeing my site be naked compared to my friends, so I decided to at least update it to be recent instead of waiting for it to be entirely complete. My guestbook is... kind of being finicky right now, but it definitely exists! Comments are appreciated!

You should check out my friend’s sites while you’re here! I’m sure one of them has something to chew on while this place is getting worked on. Click on one of the little animals on the left, and you'll get brought to one of their sites!

But welcome to zoetroupe! I love cute things, rabbits, femininity, and being gay. Please don't say 'daaaamnnn' when you take a peek at my code. Currently most of my pages are under construction, with the exception of my about and guestbook. I plan on making pages more mobile friendly once i get my pages all sorted out, but rest assured, it's in my mind to account for it! My monitor size is 1920x1080 px, and I made this on Mozilla. Let me know if there's any errors or so that are showing up on other browers or desktop sizes. I'm not a pro but, well, I'll do my best.


- pixels and bunny images.
- layout builder template used in some pages.
pixelbank - pixels.
homuhoard - pixels.
themediary - cursor.
huasira - oc sticker on the side. (click on him to see what happens!)
jeti - font.
adilene - music player.

anything else is either official art that belong to it's respective owners or graphics i have made myself. if i've uploaded something from you that you do not wish for me to use, let me know and i'll take it down.


Currently planning to make...

  • 'Executor (Arknights)' Shrine.
  • 'Yi Sang (Limbus Company)' Shrine.
  • 'Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon' Shrine
  • Fanfiction Page.
  • Art Gallery.
  • Library.
  • Credits page.
  • Boyfriend shrine.
  • Gacha game journal.

I do have some pages of these in the drafts. Most notably the fanfiction page and my page dedicated to my boyfriend. But I want to work on them more first before I release them in the public, it looks weird wtihout it being complete to me.

6.19.2023 | added some of my friend's banners to the front page! i'll be replacing the little animals representing them once they've all got one down. got a little journal page ready for whenever i just want to talk about whatever, and then of course i got my boyfriend shrine up. you can find it by clicking the sheep on the side.
6.16.2023 | so i made my about page... and i tried to update some stuff on my index a little more. but it seems like i broke my music player? ;_;
6.15.2023 | added an mp3 player! only one song so far that i put of my choice. spoilers for chapter 4 in limbus company. i also managed to put a random quote generator, yay!! added some extra tabs for other pages in the future. though i'm blanking on one more. we'll see what that ends up being. for now, i'm once again happy with how this is all coming together.
6.12.2023 | started working on a complete rehaul of the main page. i just... wasn't feeling as satisfied from it. and i guess i just wanted to make something from scratch, feels more personal for me to do that. i also felt like i was just slapping together stuff since it was the first time i was taking programming a bit more seriously, you know? (realized i missed the one year anniversary for when this site was founded...)
5.23.2023 | been adding some stuff and made a small about page. both overwhelmed and excited about the creative freedom i can have here.
5.19.2023 | added a guest book! though, it's in my drafts then on the actual site.
5.18.2023 | finally got this site going... it's no longer just 'testttt' and a white blank of a page.
6.22.2022 | i found a premade layout, it was nice, but a bit too tiny. and i ended up leaving it to dust. again.
5.29.2022 | site was founded! ... i then left it to rot for another year!


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